Using a Custom Domain for your Skilljar Training Site


In order to offer training courses from your website, you can add a CNAME to your domain. For example, if you want your courses to be offered on, you would add the CNAME "courses" to the domain in your domain name system (DNS). 

1. Decide on your CNAME

Tip: Don't use a CNAME that is specific to one course if you plan to offer multiple courses using that CNAME. For example, my first course is about photography but my second course is about painting. Instead of using the CNAME "photography" I'll use "courses" to cover all of my courses.

2. Add the CNAME to your domain in your DNS

The exact steps will differ depending upon your DNS service. Find help resources for common DNS systems by clicking on a link below.

3. Point the CNAME to**

The format is typically:

Host: courses (or whatever subdomain you picked in #1)
Points to:

This will not affect your existing site at all, and it's very unlikely anyone will stumble across the link unless you send it to them or start promoting.

**Note: For Customers enabling SSL for their domain, this step will be different. Instead of pointing to, you will point to the SSL URL provided by your Customer Success Manager. 

4. Submit your subdomain to Skilljar

We'll finish the configuration for your Skilljar account. You can submit your request to Skilljar with this form: New Domain Request

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