Sending a course announcement

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You can preview and send course announcements to everyone who has registered for a course through the Skilljar Dashboard. 

  1. Go to and login with your email address and password
  2. Click on either the image icon for Announcements
  3. Select Create Announcement or you can view any announcements that you have already sent


Creating a new Announcement

  1. Select Create Announcement
  2. Select the course whose registrants you want to send an announcement to.
    • Note: announcements are based on courses, so (1) they can only be sent to one course's registrants at a time and (2) an announcement is sent to all current and completed/expired registrants for the selected course. 
  3. Type your message into the body field
  4. Select Send Preview to send yourself a preview of the announcement email (the Preview email field automatically provides your instructor email address, but you can input a different email address if you like)
  5. Select Send to Course when you are ready to send the announcement to all course registrants


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