Google: Embed a Google Form into a lesson and view student responses

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You can embed a Google Form into a lesson to gather course or lesson feedback from students, assess student knowledge, or gather other information from students. Students will see the Google Form as embedded in the lesson and are able to submit responses to the Google Form within Skilljar. You can then view student responses from the embedded Google Form directly from the form.

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Make your Google Form public

  1. On the Google Form in your Google Drive, click the gear icon.
  2. In the "Settings" dialogue box in the "General Settings," deselect "Restrict to users in [organization] and its trusted organizations."
  3. Click SAVE.


Obtain a Google Form embeddable link

  1. On the Google Form in your Google Drive, click SEND.
  2. In the “Send form” dialogue box, click the link icon.
  3. Click COPY. The URL is now copied to your clipboard.

Learn more: Google Help Center, How to use Google Forms.



Embed a Google Form into a lesson

  1. From the “Course Management” dropdown in the Dashboard left navigation bar, click “Courses.”
  2. Click the name of the specific course you want to update.
  3. Click the "Curriculum" tab and click New Lesson at the bottom of the existing curriculum.
  4. Click the "Video, PDF, Audio or Embed" lesson type.
  5. In the “Content” section, click the "Embed Link" tab.
  6. From the “Type” dropdown menu, select the “Google Form” from the dropdown menu.
  7. In the “Url” field, paste the direct link to the Google Form and click Save link.
  8. Click Save Lesson.

Note: The content type may populate, if recognizable, and save automatically. You will still need to click Save Lesson to save your changes.



View student responses from a Google Form embedded into a lesson

  1. Click on the Google Form in your Google Drive to open.
  2. At the top of the Google Form, click the “RESPONSES” tab.

Learn more: Google Help Center, Choose where to save form responses.



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