Cloning a Course

by Skilljar Customer Training

When creating new content in your Skilljar dashboard, you might not always want to start from scratch. If you already have a course in your dashboard that would be a great template for creating additional content, you can clone this template course to make an exact copy in your Course Management table.

The successfully cloned course will replicate all of the original course's content, and course-level and lesson-level settings, but will not be published by default and will not copy any publishing settings from the original course.

Clone a course by following these steps.

  1. Log in to your Skilljar Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Course Management and click the course you wish to clone
  3. Click the "Manage course" drop-down
  4. Select "Clone course"

Your cloned course will be immediately created with the name of "Clone of [Original Course Name]."


Your successfully cloned course will replicate the original course's course-level and lesson-level settings. After you have cloned the course, you will need to follow the usual steps to publish the course (publishing settings aren't cloned) and make it visible on the appropriate training domain catalog. 

Please note: after you have cloned the course, any changes you make to the original course that you also want to be reflected on the cloned course will need to be manually added to the cloned course.

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