Zapier connections

by Sarah Southerland

It's easy to send registration data to third party applications. We've partnered with Zapier, a service that enables you to connect Skilljar with hundreds of platforms without writing any code. Using Zapier, you can integrate Skilljar with common tools like, Google Docs, Evernote, MySQL, MailChimp and many more. Zapier is free for up to 100 events per month.

How can I use Zapier with my Skilljar account?

There are numerous ways to utilize this integration. A couple of examples include:

  • Adding new customers to your email marketing list with a custom welcome message
  • Adding new customers as opportunities in

Connecting with Zapier 

To connect Zapier with your Skilljar account, follow the steps in this article:

You can find helpful articles on how to create Zaps in Zapier's Help & Support Docs.

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