Configuring Organization Settings

by Sara Barnes

This section covers different organization settings that are available.

  1. Navigate to the Organization settings by clicking on the Organization section of the main navigation
  2. Select Settings



Business Information - Click on Edit Settings to update the name of your organization (this is displayed on purchase statements for courses sold, for example.) You can also update the email address used to send and receive information regarding your account. Examples of emails sent to this address include confirmation for admin actions, like bulk uploading live event attendance or bulk registration of students to courses, task notifications, etc. 


Payment gateways - If you are going to charge for courses, domain subscriptions, or course bundles, you can set up a payment gateway to process e-commerce transactions.

We support Stripe and PayPal. Stripe enables you to accept all major credit cards. PayPal enables you to accept payment via a customer's PayPal account. You can enable Stripe or PayPal at the Organization level. 

Detailed steps on how to set up your payment gateways can be found here: Processing Payments and Selling Courses


Dashboard Users 

This lists every Dashboard User and admin who has access to your organization's Skilljar account. To add a user to the organization, follow the steps in this article:


API Credentials

You can generate, then use your API key to call Skilljar's API to manage learners, perform token-based SSO, and receive event notifications via webhooks,

We've also partnered with Zapier, a service that enables you to connect Skilljar with hundreds of platforms without writing any code. Using Zapier, you can integrate Skilljar with common tools like, Google Docs, Evernote, MySQL, Mailchimp, and many more. Zapier is free for up to 100 tasks per month.

Learn more: Getting started with the Skilljar API

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