Configuring Organization Settings


This section covers different organization settings that are available.

Navigate to the Organization settings by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of the dashboard, and selecting "Organization":

  • Business information and Email setup - In this section, you can update the name of your organization (this is displayed on purchase statements for courses sold, for example). You can also update the email addresses used to send and receive information regarding your account. 

  • Current members - This lists every admin user who has access to your organization's Skilljar account. To add a user to the organization, follow the steps in this article:

  • Current plan - This denotes your Skilljar plan. If you haven't subscribed to a plan yet, you can activate a plan by clicking Choose a Plan. If you have already activated a subscription plan, you can click the Edit Billing button to updating your billing information or make changes to your subscription.

  • Payment gateways - If you are going to charge for courses, here is where you can set up your own payment gateways to process e-commerce transactions.
    We support Stripe and PayPal. Stripe enables you to accept all major credit cards. PayPal enables you to accept payment via a customer's PayPal account. We highly recommend enabling both payment gateways, but you only need one to get started taking payment.
    Detailed steps on how to set up your payment gateways can be found here:
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