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Your training portal is the URL where your published courses will be located, and where students can register for, access and complete training. In this article we cover:

  • What is a domain
  • Skilljar vs. custom domains
  • Public vs. private domains
  • Multiple domains

What is a domain

A domain is the URL for your training portal. For example, our Skilljar Academy has our Customer onboarding courses, along with our other courses, and can be found at the domain:

Skilljar vs. custom domains

We support both custom and Skilljar domains.

  • Skilljar - A Skilljar domain includes "" in the domain, such as 
  • Custom - A custom domain can be used to create a domain using your own website, such as By using a custom domain, you can remove the "skilljar" part of the domain. 

To learn more about setting up a custom domain, click here: Creating a Custom Domain for Your Skilljar Training Site

Public vs. private domains

Skilljar supports both public and private domains.

  • Public - Courses published to a public domain are accessible to anyone who visits the domain. Any user with the link to your training site can view courses available for registration, and register to access course materials. You can offer courses for free, or charge for them when using a public domain.
  • Private - With private domains, users are required to enter a valid access code before seeing what courses are available for registration. A company would use a private domain so they could limit access to their training site to a certain group of users. You can also offer courses for free or charge for them when using a private domain.

You can manage the public/private setting of your domains in the Domains and Publishing tab of your dashboard: 

Multiple domains

If you need more than one training portal, Skilljar can support multiple domains per account. A company might need more than one training portal when they train multiple audiences.

Example: A medical equipment company trains:

  1. hospital staff on how to use the equipment
  2. sales team on how to sell the product

They have 3 courses, 1 general course for both audiences, 1 for hospital staff only, 1 for the sales team only. They can use 2 training portals to deliver their courses: and

The course for both audiences can be published to both domains.


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