Creating Quizzes


Skilljar’s built-in quizzing functionality provides instructors with an effective tool for assessment. We'll cover:

  • How to create a quiz from within a lesson
  • How to edit a quiz from within a lesson

Quizzes can also be created, edited and cloned in Quiz Management via Dashboard > Course Management > Quizzes.

How to create a quiz

  1. From Course Management, choose or create a course
  2. Click New Lesson and choose Quiz
  3. Add a title for the quiz
  4. You can either "Create New Quiz" or use an existing quiz you've created by select the quiz from the drop down
  5. If you create a new quiz, or edit an existing one, you will be placed on the quiz creator page. Here, you'll see the fields:
    • Name: Enter a name for this quiz.
    • Description: Enter a description if you choose. This appears before a user starts the quiz.
  6. Expand the Settings to edit Quiz settings:
    • *Passing Score: Set the percentage required to pass.
    • *Max quiz attempts: Set the maximum attempts a user can take to complete the quiz.
    • Require correct response to proceed: User must get a question correct before going on to the next.
    • Randomize Questions: Randomize the order of questions within this quiz and create a question bank that surfaces a select number of questions within a quiz. Additionally, limit the number of questions that are randomly presented to a student.
    • Randomize Answers: Randomize the order of answers for multiple choice or multiple answer question types.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.25.16_PM.png
  7. Next, you can add questions. Select "Add Question" and choose Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, or Fill in the blank.
    • If choosing Multiple Choice
      1. Input your question
      2. Input answer choices, selecting which is correct
      3. Click Add Answer to add more answer choices for a question
    • If you choose Fill in the blank:
      • Input your question
      • Input your acceptable answers
      • Click Add Answer to add more answer choices for a question
      • Choose whether the answers must be case sensitive

    • If you choose Multiple Answer:
      • Input your question
      • Input your acceptable answers, selecting which are correct
      • Click Add Answer to add more answer choices for a question
  8. Continue selecting Add question until your quiz contains all of your questions.
    • Click the X to remove an answer, or to remove the entire question.
    • Scroll to the top to select "Change Order" to drag and drop the questions into your preferred order.
  9. When you have added all of your questions and answers, click Save. While you're working, you can also click Save and continue editing to remain on the quiz page.
  10. After saving, you'll return to the lesson page. Here, you can add a summary and attach downloadable content (optional).
  11. You can also see a preview of your quiz on the lesson page.
  12. When done, click Save Lesson.



If you choose Require correct response to proceed, the following is the student experience when an incorrect response is submitted:

If you use this feature along with Max quiz attempts, this will result in the "Take this quiz again" option no longer being available after the max attempts have been utilized:

And, if you grant a certificate upon course completion, the student must pass the quiz (including score, and within amount of attempts) to receive a certificate.


How to edit a quiz

If you've already created a quiz, but need to edit it:

  1. Navigate to the course details
  2. Click on the quiz lesson
  3. Click on the edit button next to the quiz name
  4. Make your necessary changes, and click Save


If you would like to utilize different functionality like open-ended questions, you can embed the following quiz forms:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • Google Forms



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