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To create a training course, you will need to log in to the instructor dashboard at

How to create a course

From the Dashboard Home page, select Course ManagementNew Course.


A course is made of:

  • Details - Course-specific settings and information
  • Curriculum - Course lessons

Course Details

When you first create a course, you will immediately be placed on the Course Details section, this includes the following fields:

  • Promo image (optional) - the image that appears to users on your course catalog
    • Click "Choose file" to select and upload a file
  • Promo video (optional) - the video that plays to users on the course detail page
    • Upload a file or embed from YouTube or Wistia. If you upload a file, you can choose your promo image from your video thumbnail. 
  • Title - the course title
  • Short description - this is what appears below the title on the course detail page.
  • Long description - this is what appears below the promo image/video on the course detail page.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save details to save any files you have uploaded or any changes you have made.

These fields display on the course details page. Once the course is published, customers view this page prior to purchasing. To see your updates, click Preview and select "Detail Page". You can also use the preview feature to preview the Curriculum and lesson pages.



The curriculum is made of Sections and Lessons. This is how your course is organized, and where the content is located.


A section is simply used for organization, and does not display any content. To create a section, click "+ New Section" and click "Save Section" once you add a title.


To create a lesson, click "+ New Lesson" then select the type of lesson you wish to develop. (Learn more about lesson types here: What Type of Content Does Skilljar Support?)


A lesson is made of:

  • lesson title
  • a content element
  • summary (optional)
  • downloadable content (optional)

Reordering the curriculum

You can change the order of sections and lessons by clicking "Reorder" and drag and dropping each component in the preferred order.


Once updated, click Save.

When you're ready to add content elements to your course, visit the article for more details: Getting Started with Lessons

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