Linking a Lesson to Skype

by Sarah Southerland

It's easy to add a Skype button to your lesson. Provide a button to allow customers to easily voice call or instant message you by clicking the button.

Here is what the button will look like in the lesson:

 Part 1: Create the Skype button

  1. Visit this article from Skype to create the button (which looks like this: ):
  2. Fill in the fields provided
  3. Copy the code generated in the last field
  4. Confirm your Skype settings are configured to allow incoming calls or messages from people who are not on your contact list

 Part 2: Add code to lesson

  1. Log in to the instructor dashboard
  2. Click on Course Management
  3. Navigate to the lesson that you want to add the skype button to.
  4. In the Content section of the lesson, select Text
  5. Click into the text box
  6. See the toolbar appears, and click on the source code button (< >)
  7. Paste the code you copied from the Skype help page and click OK
  8. Click Save Lesson

You can include text before and after the button in the lesson.

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