Customizing the Branding and Look of Your Training Site

by Ana Mays

Visit the Theming section of the dashboard to update the look and feel of your training site to match your brand. Found here:

Theming is made of the following sections:

  1. Header
  2. Look & Feel
  3. Optional Settings (none of the fields in the below sections are required)
    • Lesson Settings
    • Email Settings
    • Code Snippets
    • Checkout Settings

Header and Look & Feel Details

Once you update any fields, scroll down and click Save details

To preview updates, navigate to Course Management, select any course, and click Preview and choose Detail Page.

Note: the following fields may not be found on the Detail page preview. Preview a lesson page to view these:

  • Header: text color
  • Page Details: link color



Take advantage of these additional settings to further customize your course.


Lesson Settings - details and screen shots on lesson details can be found in this article

  • Lesson details auto-open - set the lesson details (summary and downloadable attachments) to default to auto-open vs. collapsed
  • Lesson details position - choose where the lesson details display
  • Lesson color scheme - choose a light or dark background
  • Checkout image - if you upload an image, it will display on the checkout page once a customer has checked out IF they opted to check out with PayPal. If no image is uploaded, the Company Name will display instead
  • Disqus shortname - Set up yourself as the comments moderator by adding your Disqus shortname in the here. Details on how to setup Disqus here

Email Settings- display name, announcements email, help contact, and reply-to addresses

  • Display name - this name is down on transactional emails to students. If this is blank, the organization's name will appear
  • Announcement email - emails sent on behalf of the Skilljar platform (i.e. student announcements, purchase confirmations, and dashboard user invitations)
  • Help email - the contact address used when a learner needs help with a course
  • Reply-to email - a separate email from Announcements to help alleviate DMARC security issues that can sometimes occur

Code Snippets - more details on custom web tracking here

Checkout Settings - customize the PayPal checkout image

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