Making a Course Unavailable for Registration/Purchase

by Sarah Southerland

You can make a course unavailable for new students to sign up for, but still accessible to customers who have already purchased the course.

  1. Log in to your instructor dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Domains and Publishing section
  3. Scroll past the domain section and find the course name under the "Your published courses" list. You will see the Registration Status listed as OPEN, CLOSED or Not required.
  4. Click the pencil icon under Edit to change the Registration Status. 
  5. Scroll down "Advanced Course Registration" and select "Closed for new registrations (existing students can still login)" to make courses unavailable for new students to sign up for. 


The course will still display on your domain, but customers will not be able to register for it or purchase it. The accompanying description will reflect this as shown below. 

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