Issuing Certificates

by Hong Chau

In this article, we look at:

  • How to set up a certificate
  • How to require a passing quiz score
  • Trainee experience

Set up a Certificate

Instructors can issue certificates to trainees based on 1 of 2 possible requirements:

  1. Course completion - trainees must complete a course by navigating through every lesson
  2. Passing a quiz - you can require that trainees pass a quiz in addition to completing a course to receive a certificate.

To issue a certificate upon completion of a course:

  1. Navigate to the course details page of your course.
  2. Open the Settings section.
  3. Scroll down to the Certificate section.
  4. Check "Issue certificate upon completion".
  5. Optional: define an expiration period with the "Expires" field
  6. Save changes. This will use the default certificate template:

To customize the certificate, see instructions in this article.


Require a passing quiz score

  1. Navigate to the desired course in the dashboard.
  2. If you are adding a new quiz, add a new lesson. Then select the "Quiz" option in the content section and click Create New Quiz. 
  3. If you are editing an existing quiz, navigate to the quiz lesson, then click the Edit icon next to the quiz file
  4. Update the "Passing Score" field in the quiz detail section, and click Save.

If you want to issue a certificate when the quiz is passed, you will need to check the "Issue certificate upon completion" field in the Advanced Course Settings as well (as outlined above).


Trainee experience

  • Trainees can view certificates issued for their completed Skilljar courses in the profile section of their account.
  • A unique URL is generated that can be shared for verifying a trainee's completion. Verify my completion of Skilljar's Success Metrics for Online Training course by visiting this verification link:
  • Want to send students an email with a link to their certificate? Follow the steps in this article to activate that email: Managing Student and Instructor Email Notifications

Is your course measured as a certain amount of credits/points/hours? This can display on the certificate too. Details on how to configure this here.

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