Delivering HTML5 Web Packages as Course Content

by Hong Chau

We support content published as HTML5 web packages as well as SCORM 1.2 content. Many content authoring tools provide HTML5 web package as an option for publishing. This format allows provides the structure needed for users to access content online. 

Once your HTML5 web package is exported as a zip file, you can upload it in your dashboard.

  1. Go to Course Management.
  2. Navigate to the course you want to add your content to.
  3. Click New Lesson.
  4. Select SCORM 1.2/Web Package.


  5. Under Content, upload a new .zip file or browse for a previously updated file


  6. Save Lesson.


Troubleshooting HTML5 

One thing to check if an HTML5 package is not working in Skilljar is to look at the files within the zipped package. Skilljar expects an index.html file in the root level of the zipped package, and if this is missing, the package will not load correctly for your students.


Most content publishing tools should allow you to rename this file if it defaults to a different name, or you can also change it manually by Unzipping the HTML5 package, renaming this file, and rezipping it before uploading to Skilljar. 


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