Recommended Settings for Articulate Presenter SCORM content

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Add SCORM content to your Skilljar courses with Articulate Presenter. In this article, we'll provide the settings we recommend you use for your Articulate Presenter SCORM content. 

Note: these settings are based on Articulate Presenter. Your settings may differ based on the authoring tool you are using. If your question is not covered by this article, please email us at


General Settings

1. Player Properties (under Publish)

  • Other - Browser Size: Display at user's current browser size.
  • Other - Player Size: Scale player to fill browser window.
  • On Restart: Always Resume. 

2. Publish Settings

  • Include HTML5 Output.
  • Do not select Articulate Mobile Player on iPad.
  • LMS: SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

3. After publishing, click the "Zip" icon to create a zip file. This is the file that you will upload to Skilljar.


Quiz Settings

1. Quiz Properties.

  • Passing score must be set for tracking. (Can set as 0% if needed).

2. Publish Settings.

  • Reporting & Tracking: Pass / Failed (if quiz generates the final course score and defines whether student has passed course).
  • Reporting & Tracking: Complete / Incomplete (if quiz does not impact the final course score or whether student has passed course).

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