Getting Started with Skilljar on Zapier

by Sarah Southerland

You can integrate Skilljar with Zapier to trigger to hundreds of platforms based on Student actions in Skilljar. 

Available Triggers in Skilljar's Zapier app:

Course Completion - Triggers when a student completes a course.

New Course Enrollment - Triggers when a user enrolls in one of your courses.

New Domain EnrollmentTriggers when a user signs up on one of your training sites.

You can check out how these triggers can connect to other apps on Zapier here

Setup your Zap using Skilljar API Key

You'll need to create a Zapier account and sign into it. Once you've started creating a Zap, your first step will be to select a platform for this Zap's Trigger and Action.

Step 1: Choose trigger and action

  1. Select Skilljar by typing into the search bar, then clicking on the Skilljar option.

  2. Once you've defined your Zap Trigger and Action, click Continue.

Step 2: Select a Skilljar account

  1. Click Connect a Skilljar Account

  2. A light box will open with 2 fields for you to complete.
  3. Input the name of your Skilljar account in the first field. It doesn't matter what you name it, it's just a handy name for you to recognize within Zapier.

  4. The next field is the API Key. Like in the image above, you should see a link to your Skilljar API credentials. Click the link.
  5. Create a key by clicking the Create an API Key button.
  6. You have the option to Name/ add a short description for this key, then click 'Generate Key'Screen_Shot_2019-04-19_at_10.28.55_AM.png
  7. Copy the API key from the Skilljar Credentials section.
  8. Paste the key into the light box back at Zapier and click the Continue button.
  9. Zapier will automatically test that your API key is good and you'll be allowed to continue setting up your Zap:
    • If you input your API Key incorrectly, you'll see an error like Authorization Failed and we'll show you the error:
  10. Finish setting up your Zap by creating actions in whatever apps you are connecting that will trigger off of the action in Skilljar!



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