Viewing Quiz Responses

by Hong Chau

Student responses to quizzes using our built-in quiz tool are recorded in the Analytics section of the dashboard.

View a summary of quiz responses

For a summary view of responses:

  1. Navigate to the Analytics page in the Dashboard:
  2. Click on the Quizzes tab
  3. A table summarizes where the quizzes are published, total completions, average score, and passing score (if set).

View specific quiz question responses

To view insights on quiz question responses, click on a specific quiz title.

  1. For Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer Questions, the results will show the percentage of student responses that were correct as well as all responses:
  2. For Fill in the Blank questions, you'll a summary of correct responses:
  3. If a free-form text question requires manual grading, you'll see a summary of the responses that were marked correct or incorrect: Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_12.25.31_PM.png

View a Specific Student's Responses

For a detailed view of responses and to export quiz data via CSV:

  1. Select the Students tab within a specific Quiz:Screen_Shot_2018-08-21_at_10.30.54_AM.png
  2. Select a student's name to see the quiz responses for a specific student 

Export Quiz responses

Download all student responses to a quiz from the Analytics feature

  1. Navigate to the Quiz Analytics page and select a Quiz.
  2. Select the Students tab from within the quiz. 
  3. Click on the CSV button to export all responses: 


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