Changing Title Text in Courses


These advanced course settings enable you to update various title text that displays to trainees on the course detail page, curriculum page and lesson pages.

  1. To access course settings, navigate to Course Management and select a course.
  2. Scroll down to the Settings section, then click on it to open it.


Course detail page

  • Long description title: The title of the description on the course detail page. The default text is "About this course." 
  • Curriculum title: This title of the list of sections and lessons on the course detail page. The default text is "Curriculum." 

Course overview page

  • Overview title:
    The name of the course overview page which provides links to each lesson. The default text is "Course Overview."
  • Lesson name plural: This name that describes the trainee's progress on the course overview page, as well as the name of name of the navigation menu on each lesson page. The default text is "lessons."

Lesson page

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