Managing Course Registration and Completion Email Notifications

by Sarah Southerland

You can select to have students and/or Dashboard admins receive an automatic email when the student registers for and/or completes a course. 

To do so:

  1. Go to Course Management and select a course.
  2. Scroll down and expand Settings section
  3. Scroll to the Registration Actions and Completion Actions

  4. Choose who you want to receive emails:
    • Email Student on Registration: This sends the student a confirmation email when they register to this course.
    • Email Instructor on Registration: This will send an email to the organization's notification email (set in Organization Settings) when a student registers to the course.
    • Email Student on Completion: This sends the student an email when they complete the course. Information about certificate generation will be included if applicable.
    • Email Instructor on Completion: This will send an email to the organization's notification email when a student completes the course.

To change your organization's notification preferences (email notifications Skilljar sends to you when specific actions happen), follow the instructions outlined in Configuring Organization Settings.

Example Emails:

  • Student registration email

  • Student completion email (no certificate issued)

  • Student completion email (certificate issued)

  • Student completion email (certificate issued, and LinkedIn Add to Profile is enabled)
  • Learn more about the LinkedIn Add to Profile option. 


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