Getting Started with Lessons

by Sarah Southerland

There are many options and settings related to your course lessons. To explore, let's start by navigating to Course Management in your Skilljar Dashboard.

What are the components of a lesson?

A lesson is made of:

  • lesson title
  • a content element
  • summary (optional) - provide a summary of the lesson using test/HTML
  • downloadable content (optional) - you can provide attachments (of any file type) for trainees to download as a supplement for a lesson

How to create a lesson

Click on the Curriculum tab, then click New Lesson:


You can use any of the following content elements in a lesson:

See the linked articles above for details on each different content element. Once your content element has been added to the lesson, there are 3 other lesson components to consider:

  • lesson title
  • summary (optional)
  • downloadable content (optional)

In the dashboard: Screen_Shot_2020-12-23_at_2.25.08_PM.png

Lesson components in student view:


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