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Create a lesson and add it to your course curriculum via the course management settings within your Skilljar dashboard. To learn more about lessons, see our Lessons 101 article.  

To create and manage a lesson, you’ll first need to create a course. To learn more about how to create a course, as well as some extra settings available to you, such as using sections, see our Create a course article.

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Course Management, or expand the Course Management header on the left and select Courses
  2. Select the course you want to add a lesson to or create a new course
  3. Select the Curriculum tab and then New Lesson. A fly-out screen will appear.

  4. Select the type of lesson you want to create. These include (Select each lesson to learn more): 
    • Video
    • HTML
    • Quiz 
      • Note: Only one quiz can be used within a lesson. 
    • Live Training
    • SCORM or Web package
    • File or web content
    • Audio
    • LTI lesson
    • Text only
    • Quiz only 
      • Note regarding Text and Quiz Only lessons: You can create a Text or Quiz Only lesson by selecting “Where are my Text and Quiz Only lessons?” and then the lesson type during the creation steps. However, these lessons can’t have combined content. We suggest you use the HTML and Quiz lessons on the prior page unless you have custom code in your theme that requires the old lessons.
  5. Give the lesson a title and then manage the content (select each lesson type above for more information about each).
    • Optional: Add a summary and downloadable content, such as supplementary PDF files. You can also choose to make the lesson optional and if it will display in full-screen mode from the settings tab. 


  6. To add extra content to a lesson or combine the lesson with another lesson type, select Add content to lesson (see Combine Lesson Types to learn more).

    • Note: Extra/combined content can only be added to newly created lessons and not existing lessons. 
  7. Once you’ve added multiple pieces of content, you can drag and reorder them, as well as add section headers between each (see changing lesson order below).
  8. When you’re finished, select Save Lesson. The new lesson will appear on the left and will be included in your course. 


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