Getting Started with Lessons

by Sarah Southerland

Navigate to your course by going to Course Management and selecting your course.

  • What are the components of a lesson
  • How to create a new lesson

You'll be taken to the Course Details, and can see the course Curriculum:


What are the components of a lesson

A lesson is made of:

  • lesson title
  • a content element
  • summary (optional) - provide a summary of the lesson using test/HTML
  • downloadable content (optional) - you can provide attachments (of any file type) for trainees to download as a supplement for a lesson


How to create a lesson

Click "+ New Lesson" then choose the content type that you are want to create/upload

You can use any of the following content elements in a lesson:

See the linked articles above for details on each different content element. Once your content element has been added to the lesson, there are 3 other lesson components to consider:

  • lesson title
  • summary (optional)
  • downloadable content (optional)

In the dashboard:


Lesson components in student view:


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