Managing and Adding Dashboard Users


Follow these steps to invite users to access the Skilljar Dashboard. This article covers:

  • Dashboard User Roles
  • Managing Existing Users
  • Adding New Users

Dashboard User Roles

Below is a description of the available roles that define the types of access an admin user has to an organization's dashboard. When inviting a new admin user to your dashboard, you will need to define what type of access they should have.

  • Organization Admin - has full access to entire dashboard. 
  • Analytics, Groups - can view all analytics, as well as create and manage groups.
  • Analytics - All - can only view analytics, for all students.
  • Analytics - Single Group - can only view analytics, and are limited to viewing analytics to groups that they are assigned to. 

Adding a new user

Send Invitation

  1. Navigate to Users by clicking the gear and selecting Users.
  2. Click "Invite User"
  3. Input the email address of user you wish to invite. (form only supports one email address at a time)
  4. Next, define what type of access the user should have to the dashboard. To do this, use your cursor to drag a Role from the left column to the right column.
    Note: You only need to define one role. The Anaytics manager role includes Group Manager access. The Organization Admin role includes both Analytics manager and Groups Manager access.
  5. Click Send Invite. (You can view the status of all invited users in the Users section.)

 User activates account

  1. Invited user will receive an email inviting them to activate their user account.
  2. Once the invited user clicks on the link in the email, they will be taken to a registration page.
  3. They will input their First name, Last name and create a password, then click Register.

Once a new admin user has activated their account, they will be able to access your organization's admin dashboard at The features that they can access will be defined by the role that was selected when configuring the invitation.

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