Managing and Adding Dashboard Users


Follow these steps to invite users to access the Skilljar Dashboard. This article covers:

  • Dashboard User Roles
  • Adding New Users
  • Managing Existing Users

Dashboard User Roles

When inviting a new admin user to your organization's dashboard, you will need to define what type of access they should have. There are several roles available to define access for your admin users:

  • Organization Admin - has full access to entire dashboard 
  • Groups Admin - has access to the Groups section of the dashboard. This role can create and manage all student groups (Groups -> Select: All)
  • Content Admin- has access to the Courses section of the dashboard. This role can create and manage all content (Content -> Select: All
  • Analytics Admin - has access to the Analytics section of the dashboard. This role can view analytics for all students and all groups (Analytics -> Select: All
  • Analytics Manager (Groups) - has access to the Analytics section of the dashboard, but can only view the analytics for the groups that they are assigned to. (Analytics -> Select: Limited: Assign by Group)

Adding New Users

Send Invitation

  1. From the Skilljar Dashboard, select the Gear icon and click on Dashboard Users.
  2. Click the New User button.dashboard_new_user.png
  3. Input the email address or addresses of the new Dashboard users.
  4. For the list of email addresses listed, define the role or roles based on Organization Admin, Groups (None or All), and Analytics (None, All, or Limited by Group.)
  5. Click Invite. (You can view the status and role assignments of all invited users in the Users section.)dashboard.invite2.png

 Dashboard User Activation

  1. Once a Dashboard user has been invited, they will receive an email asking them to activate their user account.
  2. Clicking on the registration link in the email will take them to the Skilljar Dashboard registration page.
  3. They will input their First name, Last name and create a password, then click Register.

Once a new user has activated their account, they will be able to access your organization's dashboard at The features that they can access will be defined by the role that was selected when configuring the invitation.


Managing Existing Users

Dashboard Organization Admins can resend invitations, delete users, or update roles and permissions from the list of existing Dashboard users. Start from the Skilljar Dashboard and select the Gear icon to select Dashboard Users.

Resend an Invitation to a Dashboard User

You can send a new invitation email to a specific user if a user has not received or completed their Dashboard registration.

  1. From the Dashboard Users page, review the list of existing users. 
  2. Click the icon associated to the user under the to Resend Invite column: resend_invite2.png

Delete Dashboard User

  1. From the Dashboard Users page, review the list of existing users. 
  2. Select the 'X' icon to Delete a Dashboard User. Note: only Dashboard Organization Admins can delete users or modify this list of users. delete_the_user.png
  3. Select OK to confirm that you wish to revoke this user's dashboard access:Screen_Shot_2018-05-29_at_1.43.40_PM.png

Edit or Update Roles for a Dashboard User

  1. From the Dashboard Users page, review the list of existing users. Note: Only Dashboard Organization Admins can edit existing Dashboard users.
  2. Select the Name of an individual: dashboard.skilljar.com_settings_users_2upsa90r2owag__1_.png
  3. Update the permissions as desired (Groups permissions, Content permissions, Analytics permissions).
  4. Click Save. Note: Dashboard Users are not alerted when Dashboard Organization Admins edit permissions. 
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