Creating and Managing Groups

by Ana Mays

You can assign one or multiple students to a group, then filter analytics for that group only. Students can also belong to multiple groups. This article covers:

  • Creating a group
  • Assigning students to a group
  • How to view analytics by group 

Create a Group

  1. Navigate to the Groups section:
  2. Click New Group.
  3. Input a Name for the group
  4. Click Save

Assign Students to a Group

  1. Navigate to the Groups section:
  2. Click the edit icon next in the Edit column

There are 4 different ways to assign students to a group.

  1. Members - Select students from a list of all users who have registered for a course.
    • The Available members column on the left includes every user who has registered for at least one course.
    • Click on a user to select them, then click the corresponding arrow to move them into the list of Selected Members on the right.
    • You can highlight multiple users at a time, and you can search for users by name or email address.
    • Once you have finished assigning users to the Selected members list, click Save.
  2. Domain access - Auto-assign any students to a group who use a specific access code pool when registering for your domain.
  3. Promo codes - Auto-assign students to a group who use a specific promo code when registering for a course.
  4. Signup field - Auto-assign students to a group based on the selection they make from a custom pick list signup field. For example, if your pick list signup field is labeled "Role", and it provides users the options of Account Manager, Project Manager, or Director of Operations, you can create a group for each role, then auto-assign students that choose Account Manager to the Account Manager group, etc. Learn more about advanced signup field rules.

View Analytics by Group

Go to the Analytics section of the dashboard:

See the "Filter by" option in the upper right corner. You can filter analytics by any group you've created.


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