Creating and Managing Groups

by Skilljar SSE Team

You can assign one or multiple students to a group, then filter analytics for that group only. Students can also belong to multiple groups. This article covers:

  • creating a group
  • assigning students to a group
  • how to view analytics by group 

Create a Group

  1. Navigate to the Groups section:
  2. Click New Group.
  3. Input a Name for the group
  4. Click Save

Assign Students to a Group

  1. Navigate to the Groups section:
  2. Click the edit icon next in the Edit column

There are 4 different ways to assign students to a group.

  1. Members - select students from a list of all users who have registered for a course.
    • The Available members column on the left includes every user who has registered for at least one course.
    • Click on a user to select them, then click the corresponding arrow to move them into the list of Selected Members on the right.
    • You can highlight multiple users at a time, and you can search for users by name or email address.
    • Once you have finished assigning users to the Selected members list, click Save.
  2. Domain access - auto-assign any students to a group that use a specific access code when registering for your domain.
  3. Promo codes - auto-assign students to a group who use a specific promo code when registering for a course.
  4. Signup field - auto-assign students to a group based on the selection they make from a custom signup field. For example, if you add a custom pick-list to the signup form called "Role" which provides users the options of Account Manager, Project Manager, or Director of Operations, you can create a group for each role, then auto-assign students that choose Account Manager to the Account Manager group, etc. 

View Analytics by Group

Go to the Analytics section of the dashboard:

See the "Filter by" option in the upper right corner. You can filter analytics by any group you've created.


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