Disabling the Registration Requirement for a Course

by Ana Mays

You can disable the requirement for a student to be registered in order to access the lessons and content within a course.

  • You may want to use this course registration setting to eliminate the registration process to remove barriers to students accessing content.
  • You can send students a link directly to a lesson, and students can immediately access it and gain value from your training.
  • Because students are not registered, individual progress/analytics will not be tracked. This does not apply when a student logs in at the domain level.

How to set this option:

  1. To edit a course you have already published, navigate to Domains and Publishing, then edit Catalog Settings
  2. Navigate to the "Published Courses" tab and click on the name of your course
  3. Scroll down to the Advanced Course Registrations section
  4. Select "Disable registration requirement"


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