Domain Access: Public, Logins, and Access Codes

by Molly Barber

You can manage the access to your catalog and course detail pages by choosing the Domain Access Level in Domains with Domains & Publishing.

What are my options?

  1. Public: Your catalog is visible to everyone.
  2. Login required: Your catalog is only visible after users sign up.
  3. Access code required: Your catalog is only visible after users sign up and input an access code provided by you or purchased by a user through a subscription (more information here).

Which should I choose?

You should choose Public if you want to allow anyone to see your course catalog. This is great if you're selling training, or you'd like trainees to be able to browse prior to requiring sign up. Here's an example.

  • Example: "As an entrepreneur, I want all potential customers to see the range of my course offerings as easily as possible."

You should choose Login required if you want to limit (but not restrict) the visibility of your course catalog to users who have signed up. Requiring signup before viewing the catalog will capture more customer data and allow you to input sign-up fields to direct customers down learning paths based on their attributes (such as job title or software version used).

  • Example: "Our business offers specialized trainings for project managers. We want to have users sign up and confirm they are PMs before seeing our course offerings."

You should choose Access code required* if you want only the users who sign up and input your access code to see your course catalog. This is best for materials where access needs to be kept private to certain individuals, such as employee training. Another way to do this would be to leverage Single Sign On for the domain. 

  • Example: "We create confidential trainings for our business partners and require users to be pre-approved before seeing our catalog."

*Note that access codes are only applicable at the domain level, and cannot be used to limit access to individual courses. (For more information on limiting course visibility, refer to Making Courses Visible to Select Groups)

How can I choose or edit my choice?

  1. Navigate to Domains & Publishing.
  2. Select the edit icon under Domain Settings.


  3. Scroll down to Access and choose your Domain access level


  4. Click "Save Access Settings."
  • Optional: If you choose Login required or Access code required, you can edit the message shown to users on the login, signup and (if applicable) access code input pages.
  • If you choose Access code required, after you click "Save Access Settings," you will be able to create new access codes. 

Some things to consider:

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