Managing Live Training Events

by Crystal Inniss

The Live Training feature allows instructors to create an event for students to join a training on a scheduled day and time. In this article we'll review:

  • How it works for instructors
  • How it works for students

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How it works for instructors:

Instructors can create a live training event as a lesson in their course. 

To create a Live Training lesson:

  1. Navigate to Course Management
  2. Select the course in which you want to provide a live training
  3. Select "New lesson" and choose: Live Training
  4. Input your lesson details and click "Save"
  5. Then, click "New event" and input the event name, location, start and end times, available seats, instructor name, description. You can also associate tags.

  6. The Instructor field will take freeform entry with "instructor name <email address>" and it will present a dropdown with previously entered names or Instructors available from authenticated integration accounts via GoTo, Webex or Zoom:


  7. In the Tags section of the "Schedule Event" page:
    1. Type the tag(s) you want to add and associate with the event. Enter one tag per line; and/or
    2. Click the plus sign (+) in the Existing Tags section and select exisiting tag(s) you want to associate with the event.Screen_Shot_2019-06-03_at_10.07.14_AM.png
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Optional: If you want to show a specific Live Training lesson's event date/times on your Course Detail page (seen to user pre-registration), scroll down to expand settings, check "Show on Detail Page" and "Save Lesson." See below for how this appears to users.


The steps above create one Live Training lesson event on your specified date and time. You can repeat steps 5 and 6 to add additional dates or times for the same lesson content, if you are offering the live training at multiple days/times. 

Students cannot register for more than one live training event on a single lesson, so make sure you make new lessons for every new piece of content you want to offer as a live training. To have multiple Live Training events where new content is introduced in your course, repeat steps 3-6 above as needed, inputting new lesson content and designating new date/times.

If you create a Live Training lesson with a single Live Training event, you can use the course-level “Register In Single Event Live Training Lessons” setting to automatically register students for the single Live Training lesson event. 

Learn more: Register students in Live Training events automatically



Closing Registration for a Live Training Event:

If you are looking to close registration for an event before it starts so that new students cannot register, you can update the event's Available Seats to Zero - This will not allow any new students to register but will still allow previously registered students to join the event when it starts. 

How it works for students:

Before registering for your course, a student can see the live events your course details page (step 7 above). They can then self-register and self-cancel for the live training that works best for them. Users can download these events to their calendar, and will receive email confirmations for any registrations and cancellations. Please note, students are not able to register for WebEx events after they have started, if a student attempts to do this, they will be met with an error message. 

  1. From Course Details, users can see the available date/times for the lesson(s) (if completing step 7 above) under the About this Course heading, after your course's long description.

  2. Once they register for the course, in the live training lesson they will be able to select the time/date that works for them.

  3. When a user registers, they can download the calendar item for that event and will receive an email confirmation with event details.

    Email confirmation:

  4. Users can cancel their registration, which allows them to choose a new event as needed and sends a cancellation email confirmation.

    Email cancellation confirmation:

Things to consider:

  • For a student to complete this lesson, you must
    "Mark Attended" from the dashboard (see below).
  • If you have sequential navigation turned on for this course (where lessons must be taken in order), a user cannot proceed to the next lesson until they're marked attended.
  • If the event date/time has passed, the event will no longer be listed for students to select.
  • If you've reached the designated maximum seats total per event, the event will no longer be listed for students to select.
  • Students will not be able to register for a course if there are no seats left in any live training lesson, and publishing settings have enforced a limited checkout quantity based on available live training lesson seats. 
  • While students typically self-register for live events, you can use our Add/Remove buttons from the dashboard to enlist or remove them on their behalf. Learn more.
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