Embedding a SurveyMonkey Survey

by Sara Robba

To embed a SurveyMonkey survey as a lesson:

  1. Go to Course Management and select an existing course or select "New Course"
  2. Click New Lesson and select Video, PDF, Audio or Embed
  3. Update the lesson title
  4. Select the "Embed link" tab
  5. Select SurveyMonkey from the Type field
  6. Obtain the link from SurveyMonkey - Skilljar can accommodate an "S" link (Ex: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/), "R" link, or custom SurveyMonkey URL
  7. Add this to the URL in Skilljar, Click Save. When done, click "Save Lesson"
  8. You'll immediately see the preview of the survey appear in the Content section of the lesson.


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