Making a Course Accessible to Select Groups


You can define which courses display to students on the catalog page based on which Group that student is in. 

Step 1: Create a group

You will first need to create a student group and assign students to that group.

Step 2: Update the Group Access

From Domains & Publishing, can update the Group Access setting for a course that has already been published, or update it at the time of publishing.

To update a course that has already been published:

  1. Navigate to Domains & Publishing
  2. Edit the published course's settings
  3. Scroll down to the Group Access section, and deselect "Accessible to all users on the catalog page"

Step 3: Assign group-specific access

When you uncheck the "Accessible to all users on the catalog page" setting, the section will expand, which displays all available groups you have created.

  1. Select a group name
  2. Select the arrow button to move that group from the left column to the right column
  3. Optionally, enable the "Strictly enforce group access" setting to restrict both accessibility and visibility to specific groups.
  4. Click Save

Once you have defined which group(s) can see this course in the catalog, visibility and optionally accessibility will be limited to only those students who are part of the assigned group.


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