Inviting a Group Manager


If you use groups as a way to organize your users, you can invite a group manager to access the analytics for that specific group.

To invite a group manager:

  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select the edit icon under Edit Managers
  3. Select "Invite group manager"
  4. Input their email address and click "Send invite"
  5. This will send the user an invite with login instructions.


Once the new group manager logs in, they will have "Analytics - Single Group" access and will be able to see all of the Analytics for the specific group to which they were assigned.


Helpful Hints:

  • If you have an existing admin or another Group's Manager that you'd like to assign as a Group Manager (rather than inviting a new user), simply follow steps 1-3 and use the > arrow to move them from the "Available users" section to the "Selected users" section and click "Save."
  • If you want a group manager to have more than Analytics - Single Group permissions, click the gear icon on the upper right and select "Roles" to edit the permissions.
  • Learn more about groups here.
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