Inviting an Analytics Manager for Groups


If you use groups as a way to organize your users, you can invite an Analytics Manager to access the analytics for that specific group.

Note: This is a Dashboard Org Admin function.

To invite an Analytics manager:

  1. From the Skilljar Dashboard, select the Gear icon and click on Dashboard Users.
  2. Click the New User button.dashboard_new_user.png
  3. Input the email address or addresses of the new Analytics users.
  4. Scroll to the Analytics section and select Limited: Assign by Group Screen_Shot_2018-05-29_at_1.58.10_PM.png
  5. Click Invite. (You can view the status of all invited users in the Dashboard Users section.)

Once the new Analytics Manager logs in, they will have "Analytics" access and will be able to see only the Analytics for the specific group to which they were assigned.


Learn more about groups here.

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