Marking Lessons and Proctoring Complete from External Services

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Skilljar lessons can be marked as complete based on actions outside of our system, such as a custom simulation, real world work, or external tutorial.


This can also be used for Proctoring Providers and can be used to restrict the lesson completion until both the Lesson and the Proctoring has been marked complete. 


There are two options for API calls that can mark lessons complete:


Mark "Validation Required" for Proctoring requirements

If this is set, the Lesson will NOT complete until the Proctoring status has been set via an external API call, even if the Quiz or Lesson has met the other completion criteria.


For Lessons with this “require validation” setting set - Proctoring Completion Logic works as follows:

  • Lesson Passed, Proctoring Passed = Lesson is completed successfully (this can also be used to mark the course complete)
  • Lesson Passed, Proctoring Failed = Lesson is NOT completed, Manual intervention is required
  • All Quiz Attempts Failed / Lesson marked as Failed = Lesson is completed as "Failed" immediately
    • Skilljar does not wait for a Proctoring response if the lesson status has been marked as “Failed”


Disable Automatic Completion for no Proctoring requirements

If Proctoring is not important for the completion status, but you do not want the lesson to complete Automatically when viewed, in the Lesson Settings at the bottom of the lesson creation page, mark the box that says 'Disable automatic completion.'




Write the API to mark the lesson complete based on outside services

This could include requiring the student to complete tasks in your application or could be dependent on any other tools that you would like to leverage. 

Proctoring Provider integrations will do this step as a part of their integration functionality. 

If you are building this yourself, the relevant API endpoints to update the completion and proctoring status are:


Completing lessons from other tools via iFrame

Skilljar lessons embedded via an iFrame can be marked as complete by sending a specific message within the browser window. 

To learn more, please reach out to our Customer Success team.


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