Marking Lessons as Complete from External Services

by Skilljar Customer Training

Skilljar lessons can be marked as complete based on actions outside of our system, such as a custom simulation or tutorial.

The API to mark lessons as complete is here:!/users/User_Lesson_update

Flag the lesson for API completion

In the Lesson Settings at the bottom of each lesson creation page, mark the box that says 'Disable automatic completion'.


ION Interactive

To pass the user, course, and lesson ID, these parameters should be added to the hyperlink that launches the ION experience.

First, paste this into the Global Code Snippet area of your theme:

if ((typeof skilljarUser != "undefined") && (typeof skilljarCourse != "undefined") && (typeof skilljarCourse.lesson != "undefined") && (typeof skilljarCourse.publishedCourseId != "undefined")) {
$('a.ionlink').each(function() {this.href = appendQueryString(this.href, {skilljarUserId:, skilljarPublishedCourseId: skilljarCourse.publishedCourseId,})});

To launch the ION experience, add class="ionlink" to the hyperlinks in your text lesson as follows:

<a href="..." class="ionlink">

Finally, work with your ION account manager for the appropriate triggers in the ION content to call the Skilljar API.

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