Getting Started with Course Catalogs

by Molly Barber

Introduction to Course Catalogs

After creating and publishing your courses, you may start to think about how different customers can find your content and navigate your catalog. Below you'll find some Frequently Asked Questions around course catalogs with helpful links to learn more.


What is a course catalog?

Your course catalog is where all of the courses you've published to a specific domain are housed. You can customize your catalog by determining which users can see it, what courses they can view, and how they can filter it.

Who can see my catalog?

Depending on your Domain access level settings, you can: allow anyone to see your catalog, limit visibility to only users who have signed up / signed in, or make it visible to users who sign-up with an access code from you. Learn more.

You can make certain courses only visible to defined users by leveraging the Groups functionality. Learn more.

Can users search my catalog?

Yes, you can enable search through Catalog Settings in Domains & Publishing.

Users can easily find the courses and lessons they need by searching for keywords associated with the course title, lesson title, course or lesson short description, course tags, and course long description. Only results from courses that are visible to the user will be displayed. Learn more.

What are tags and how do I use them?

Tags are a way to categorize courses by keywords and users can then filter for those keywords within your catalog. If you plan to have a lot of courses, we recommend using tags so that users can find the courses they want as easily as possible. Learn more.

Can I change the courses in my catalog?

You can change the order of courses, publish new courses, or unpublish courses from your catalog by first going to Domains & Publishing, then:

  • To change the order of the courses in your catalog, select Catalog Settings for the particular domain, scroll down to "Visibility and Order," and simply click and drag the course names into your preferred order. Click save when done.
  • To publish new courses, click the blue "Publish a course" button on the top right. Complete the required and preferred optional fields and click "Save" when complete.
  • To unpublish a course, scroll down to "Your published courses," find the course you want to unpublish, select the "unpublish" x button, and choose "OK" when prompted to confirm. This will immediately unpublish the course, it will no longer be accessible to students. You will still be able to edit the course in Course Management, and even republish it, if and when you are ready. 

Can I hide courses?

Yes, you can hide a course from view by making it no longer visible on the catalog page. Learn more.

Can I have more than one catalog?

When publishing a course, you also choose the domain in which it will appear. Therefore, every domain will have its own course catalog. By using tags or groups you can create different catalog views for different users. You can also request to use your own subdomain(s) to create new catalogs. Learn more.

How do I delete courses?

Select the course from the Course Management page, choose the "Manage Course" drop down and click "Delete Course."

How quickly will a new course appear?

As soon as you publish a new course to your domain, and make it visible, it will appear in your catalog.

Can I change the "All Courses" heading?

Yes, you can customize your catalog header ("All Courses" is displayed by default in this section). Learn more.

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