Sending Data to Influitive

by Skilljar Customer Training

With Skilljar, you can send student registration and training activity data directly to Influitive, an advocate marketing solution for turning your customers into advocates. The benefits include:

  • Rewarding customers for participating in training
  • Combining different types of customer actions (commenting in forums, writing a review, completing training) into a single rewards system

In order to award points to an advocate once they have completed a Skilljar course, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • You must have a Skilljar course created with at least one completion
  • Your Influitive AdvocateHub plan must include API access
  • You must have a Zapier account (free or paid)

Creating a Custom Event in Influitive

Follow the steps in this article to create a custom event in your AdvocateHub. In this example, we will call ours skilljar_course_completion. If you give your custom event a different name, be sure to replace every instance of skilljar_course_completion within the API code of your custom event.

Setting up a Zap

After creating a custom event, access your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

  1. Choose your trigger: Skilljar > Course Completion
  2. Connect your Skilljar account using your dashboard API credentials
  3. Test your trigger and move on to the next step
  4. Before you create an Action, click the (+) icon and add a Filter
  5. Choose "Only continue if..." and hit Continue.
  6. Make a filter with the following criteria: Course Published Course ID | (Text) Exactly matches | Skilljar published course ID

To obtain a Published Course ID, head to your Skilljar dashboard's Domains and Publishing section, and click the pencil under the Edit column of the course you're looking to award points for. Then, copy the number/letter code in the URL of that page, as seen below:


Here's an example of what your filter should look like:


  1. Choose your Action: Webhooks > Custom Request
  2. Fill out the following fields as follows:









"contact": {
"email":" insert Skilljar email field**"




Content-Type application/json
Authorization Token token="your hub's API token"
X_ORG_ID Your hub's X_ORG_ID
  1. Hit the Continue button, run a test, and check that the event was logged in your Hub. Check the Dashboard (in the Admin View) in your Hub to see if the event was logged.
  2. Give your Zap a name and turn it on.


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