Sending Data to Influitive

by Skilljar Customer Training

With Skilljar, you can send student registration and training activity data directly to Influitive, an advocate marketing solution for turning your customers into advocates. The benefits include:

  • Rewarding customers for participating in training
  • Combining different types of customer actions (commenting in forums, writing a review, completing training) into a single rewards system

The easiest way to send data to Influitive is via our Javascript based events available in the Theming area of your dashboard. This can be done without any developer involvement.

You will need:

  • Access to your Influitive account
  • Access to the Skilljar Theming tab

General Tracking

In the Global Head Snippet of the Skilljar Theming tab, you will add the general Influitive tracking script. The script should look like:

<script src="//[your influitive subdomain]" type="text/javascript"></script>

Creating a Custom Event in Influitive

In Influitive, set up a Custom Event that corresponds to the customer action you would like to reward. The simplest training events to record are Course Enrollment and Course Completion.

This can be done in Influitive's Settings -> Scoring & Achievements -> Event Types (https://[your influitive subdomain]

Here is the generic Influitive documentation:

Note your API Code as you will need it to send training events.

Also, if you would like to assign different Influitive values to different Skilljar courses, make sure to set up separate Custom Events in Influitive.

The remainder of this article focuses on the simple case of a custom event for all course enrollments, and a custom event for all course completions. We can assist in modifying the Javascript if you would like different values per course.

Sending Course Enrollment Events

In the Conversion Code Snippet, pasting the following code will create Influitive events for your advocates, where event_api_code is the API Code that corresponds to your Influitive custom event.

influitive.logEvent("event_api_code", { "contact" : { "email" : } });

Sending Course Completion Events

Identical to Course Enrollment Events, except with a different event_type that corresponds to your Influitive custom event.

Learn more about Conversion Tracking Advanced Javascript objects.

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