Disabling an Enrollment for a User

by Molly Barber

Under the Students section of the dashboard, you can search for a specific student, update their lesson or course progress for any of their registered courses, remove a user from a course, and even generate a course completion certificate.

This article covers steps to remove a user from a course by deactivating or expiring their enrollment.

How to remove a user from a course:

  1. Navigate to Students
  2. Search and select the student by name or email address
  3. On the student's information page, select the Course you want to update.
  4. Select the Edit button on the upper right, this will open all of the editable fields for this course, the lessons, and the course enrollment (*Note - not domain enrollment).

  5. Scroll to the Enrollments section:
    • To remove a user from a course immediately: Deselect the "Active" box to revoke a user's access.
    • To expire a user's enrollment at a specific date and time: In the "Expires at" field, input the date you want this user's access expired.


What is the user experience?

Once you deactivate or expire a user's course enrollment, the user can no longer access the course content or the curriculum page. They can always see their certificate, lesson progress (X of Y lessons complete).

A user must select the "Register" or "Purchase" button on the course detail page to re-enroll. However, progress is always saved, so if they do re-register or re-purchase, they can pick up right where they left off in the lessons.

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