Installing the Salesforce Integration (SFDC App)

by Skilljar Customer Training

Check out the QuickTip on Skilljar Academy for a quick video of the install of the SFDC App from the app exchange

To learn how to see which version of Salesforce you have installed, as well as other information regarding your package, see the Salesforce help center.


Skilljar offers a Salesforce integration to pass training data into your instance of Salesforce. There are two versions of the Skilljar app available. One is a Salesforce Classic app that works in Salesforce Classic and Lightning and the second version is a Lightning app only. In order to take full advantage of Skilljar in SFDC Lightning, install the Lightning app.

Common Salesforce use cases include:

  • Viewing training registration and completion data with other SFDC data
  • Building consolidated SFDC dashboards with training and certification data
  • Adding training data to customer success software like Gainsight
  • Using training data to customize marketing targeted at your trained customers.
  • Automatically adding training data to SFDC contact records
  • Sending signup fields (e.g. job title, company name) into SFDC

Please note our SFDC App is different from 3 other supported features:

As part of your onboarding process, your implementation manager will activate the add-on for your Organization.

Data Fields

Skilljar creates a number of custom objects and tabs within Salesforce that are updated in real-time. These include:

  • Skilljar Student (with a Skilljar ID and email address)
  • Published Courses (with URL, domain, and title)
  • Purchase information (Price, Currency, Promo Code)
  • Enrolled At timestamp
  • Latest Activity timestamp
  • Number of completed lessons
  • Number of total lessons in the course
  • Completed At timestamp
  • Success Status (Passed or Failed)
  • Course Score
  • Maximum Course Score
  • Credits Earned
  • Credit Units (e.g. Points, Hours)
  • Certificate URL
  • Certificate Code

See a full list of SFDC objects available with the SFDC App.



Step 1. Contact your Implementation Manager or to ensure your Organization is configured for SFDC App integration

Step 2. Download the App through SFDC app exchange

Go here to download the appropriate managed package into your Salesforce instance; make sure to click "Get it now" and log in to your SalesForce account. Within the workflow, you can select whether you want to install the Sandbox or Production version; we recommend installing the Skilljar App into your Salesforce sandbox prior to the production version.

Step 3. Select Skilljar Connection Options

After installing the package, visit Please note, your Skilljar account must be configured in order to complete the authentication.

Review the settings and make the desired selections:

  • Whether you are connecting to a SFDC sandbox
  • Whether you would like Skilljar to automatically update or add SFDC contact records. If this option is checked, we will automatically insert training data into contact records.


Step 4. Authenticate with Salesforce

Click "Save and Authenticate with Salesforce" to authorize the connection.

  • Our recommended Best Practice is to create a "Skilljar Integration Admin" to use to authenticate the SFDC Integration - this will ensure there are no interruptions in data being passed to SFDC if your Skilljar Admin leaves your company.

Step 5. Success!

You'll see a confirmation dialog if the authorization is successful. Now start sending data into Salesforce!



How to re-authenticate with the latest version of the managed package:

  1. Download the App through the SFDC app exchange. Click here to download the appropriate managed package into your Salesforce instance; make sure to click "Get it now" and log in to your Salesforce account.

  2. After installing the package, visit

  3. Click "Save and Authenticate with Salesforce" to authorize the connection. Please ensure you have the appropriate permissions to re-authenticate with Salesforce. This should be completed by your SFDC Admin or the person with access to the SFDC account that is currently authenticated within the Dashboard. This will ensure a seamless re-authentication process.


*Please note, that re-authenticating will not disrupt any current SFDC workflows.

Important things to note

  • Skilljar is currently using the most recent version (v.54) of the SFDC API. 
  • If you would like to do a historical backfill for new objects that have been released, consult this help article. 
  • If you later decide you would like to "Link to Contacts," you will have to adjust the Authentication Settings, by selecting "Link Contacts" and then Save and Re-authenticate. 
    • Please ensure you have the appropriate permissions to re-authenticate with Salesforce. 
    • Please note that historical student records will not be automatically linked to contacts. Moving forward, as students take action on the training domain, they will be linked to the appropriate contact.
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