Manually Issuing Certificates

by Molly Barber

Under the Students section of the dashboard, you can search for a specific student, update their lesson or course progress for any of their registered courses, remove a user from a course, and even generate a course completion certificate.

If you have selected to issue certificates when a user completes your course, you can now use our Students tab to manually issue a certificate to a user by marking their course complete.

Issuing a certificate to a user:

  1. A user must be enrolled in your course for you to issue their certificate. Once they are enrolled, navigate to Students.
  2. Search by name or email address and select the Student 
  3. From the student's profile page, select the Course you want to update.
  4. Select the Edit button on the upper right, this will open all of the editable fields for this course.
  5. To generate their certificate: 
    • Enter a Completed at date for the Course Progress. We will use the "Completed" date for the "Issue Date" on the certificate, so make sure to choose the correct date. **Note: For students who completed the course previously and have an existing "Completed" timestamp, you'll need to remove the current timestamp, select "Save", then re-enter the "Completed" date and time.
    • If there was a lesson with a "Success status" in your course, you can also choose "Passed" for the course, then click "Save."
    • You'll now see the certificate link generated.

What is the user experience?

  • If you've set this course to email users upon course completion, they will receive an email once you complete the course with a link to view their certificate.
  • The user will be able to download the certificate from their profile on your domain immediately.
  • You will see this certificate in the Enrollments list and on the student's profile page in Analytics within 30 minutes. **Please note: if you make edits to a certificate template, and leave the file name the same, the certificate link will update within 24 hours.
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