Managing Uploaded Content


By visiting, you have the ability to manage all of the content assets you have uploaded to your organization's courses and lessons:

The top section of the page lists standard content asset types (e.g. documents, images, videos), while the bottom section is devoted specifically to SCORM web packages.  

Please note:

  • By default up to 100 assets will be displayed in each section.  
  • The SCORM / web packages section may not be visible until you scroll down and/or limit the number of items shown in the top section.
  •  If your organization has uploaded more than a hundred assets of either categoy, they will appear on subsequent pages.  
  • To find a specific asset, either sort the columns or utilize the search box in the upper right.

There are three ways to manage your assets: 1) Download, 2) Edit, and 3) Delete.


If a given asset can be downloaded, a download icon will appear in the appropriate column on the right.  


By clicking on the edit icon, you will be taken to the following page.  There, you will the ability to edit the display name and, for video file types, aspect ratio of the asset. 

(Note: SCORM web packages cannot be edited at this time.)


If an asset is not utilized in any lesson, a delete icon will appear.  Deleting an asset will permanently remove it from your organization and cannot be undone.

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