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Sell or distribute your Skilljar training content to your customer’s learning management system (LMS) via the Content Syndication page in your Skilljar dashboard. Content syndication allows you to maintain ownership of the content, update it live, and receive analytics. This is included for all Skilljar customers on the Enterprise or Professional packages. If you're on the Essentials package and interested in Content Syndication, please speak with your Account Executive or CSM.

Find some handy info about how to manage and send your Content Syndication configuration to other LMS at xAPI and CMI5 Courses.

What is Content Syndication?

With Content Syndication you can create and upload training content within your Skilljar dashboard and publish it on another LMS. When shared with other LMS, you can still control and maintain your content, and review the analytics from your Skilljar dashboard. 

This allows you to collaborate with other systems administrators while still controlling visibility and accessibility to your Skilljar content. 

What are the benefits of Content Syndication?

By using Content Syndication you can meet your customers and learners where they are, and save you time when providing them with training content. Anytime a customer asks if you can give them access to a course, you can say “Yes!” without worrying if they’ll make changes to your content and how you’ll track the analytics. You can easily create a syndication configuration and select the Skilljar courses your customers want. 

  • Create a dynamic link to your content, removing the need to update links or redownload files.
  • Control access and visibility to content by easily revoking or granting permissions.
  • Quickly track analytics for all syndicated courses, specific syndication configurations, or individual syndicated courses.
  • Provide your customers with the ability to host your content on their LMS, reducing your need to grant them dashboard access or analytic CSVs.
  • Learners don’t have to access the Skilljar training site, they can now take the Skilljar-created content via their existing training program. 

How to use Content Syndication

After determining which LMS you want to syndicate to, you can find the Content Syndication page for a given Domain on the “Domains and Publishing” page. 

Creating the Content Syndication Configuration

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Domains and Publishing, or expand the Domains & Publishing header on the left and select Domains
  2. Find the domain with the content you want to syndicate and select Content Syndication.

  3. Select Add Content Customer. This will create a “syndication configuration.”

  4. Select if it’s active or inactive, and then enter the customer's name or account in the Name field. Selecting “active” will create a live link to your content. This can be changed later on to remove access to the courses within this configuration.
  5. Select Add Content.

  6. On the flyout screen, select the published courses you want to syndicate from the left side table and then select the > arrow to move them to the table on the right, or Select All to move all of your courses. Courses in the right side table will be syndicated.

    • You can search for specific courses by using the search bar or via the Labels function. Only published courses can be included in content syndication. 
  7. When you’re done, select Next
  8. Optional: Choose if you would like a group to be automatically created for this syndication configuration and then select Next. Learn more at Create and Manage Groups.

  9. Select the launch type (CMI5 or xAPI) and then select Save

Sending Content Syndication Files to Customer’s LMS Admin

After the configuration has been completed, select Download All to download a zip file containing the course files and send it to the admin of the other LMS with the appropriate instructions. Find steps for supported LMS at Selecting the Right Content Syndication Launch Type.

Editing Content Syndication

After creating and saving your configuration you can edit any of the previous settings by following steps 1-3 above, selecting the content syndication you want to edit from the list. Select the content package within the Content box, and then select Edit Content.

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Cloning Content Syndication (Coming Soon)

You can clone your content syndication by following steps 1-3 above, finding the content from the list, selecting the ellipses (...), and then Clone Configuration

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