Setting Prerequisites for a Course

by Skilljar Customer Training

Our Prerequisites feature enables you to prevent students from registering for a course until they have successfully completed a specific course or group of courses. This article provides instructions on how to set prerequisites as an admin, as well as an overview of what your students will experience.

This is useful when Creating a Certificate for a Catalog Page.

Admin experience

This feature lives in the Domains & Publishing section of the dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to Domains and Publishing and click the Catalog Settings link for the relevant domain.
  2. Select the Published Courses tab
  3. Click on the individual course title


In the Prerequisites section, check the box to Enforce Prerequisites For This Course

When checked, a multi-selector will display all of the published courses for that domain. Here, you can easily set one or more prerequisites for your course.


Once you select your prerequisites and click save, those prerequisites will be enforced. 

Student experience

Course prerequisites are enforced on registration: 

  • If a student has completed the necessary prerequisites, they are permitted to register for the course.
  • If a student has not completed the necessary prerequisites, they are not permitted to register for the course.  

In the latter case, a message will display informing the student of the prerequisites and providing links to the relevant course detail pages.

If you would like to communicate prerequisites to potential students before they attempt to register, you can do so by including that information in the course description.  

Please note: Prerequisites are not currently enforced for Learning Paths


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