Webex: Add and Manage Instructors

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Add and manage instructors for your Webex events within your Skilljar dashboard. Instructors must be a Webex site admin with full Webex admin permissions to schedule training within Skilljar. You can find and manage a user’s administrator roles via the user settings in your Webex Control Hub

  • Note: Instructors must have licenses for Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars. You can see a user’s licenses on their summary page in your Webex Control Hub. Learn more about how Webex license assignments work (must have a Webex account Control Hub to view). 

After configuring your user admin permissions and licenses in your Webex Control hub, go to the Webex page of your Skilljar dashboard. You’ll see a list of any current instructors and their details. Select the Webex ID of the instructor to see more information or to delete them.  

Add an Instructor

  1. Select Add Instructor.

  2. Enter the Webex ID of the user. IDs are case-sensitive and must match the username for the Webex account.

  3. Select Next. This will take you to the Webex single-sign-on page for authentication.

  4. After authentication, you’ll be redirected back to your Skilljar dashboard and the instructor will be added to the table and be selectable as an instructor for your Webex events .


To add another instructor, log out of Webex and repeat the above steps. 

The instructor should now be selectable via the Instructor drop-down menu during the event creation settings. 



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