Webex: Create a Webex Meeting and Webinar Live Training Events in a Course

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Create live training events with Webex Meeting and Webex Webinar from within the Course Management section of your Skilljar Dashboard.

Webex is a third-party video conferencing integration, used for live training lessons, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. Please visit the Webex website to learn more about Webex and receive product-specific support

  • Note: Before starting, make sure you’ve linked your Webex account to Skilljar.
  • Note: Webex Training is no longer supported by Webex so all Live Training events in Skilljar must be created as Webex Meetings or Webex Webinars. This may involve updating your Webex settings in Webex Control Hub. 

To learn more about live event training, see Live Event Training 101.

How to create a Webex Live Training lesson

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and go to Course Management.
  2. Select the course that you want to add the live training event to.
  3. Select New Lesson and on the flyout screen, choose Live Training.


  4. Enter your lesson details and select Save.
  5. Select New Event and then Webex Meeting or Webex Webinar (depending on which you are using) from the dropdown menu.


  6. Enter the details for your new meeting, including the Event Name, Start and End Time, Timezone, and Max Seats* (if required).
  7. From the Instructor dropdown menu, select the instructor for the event (see Webex: Add and Manage Instructors).

    Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 12.33.27 PM (1).png

  8. Select Save to add and save your event details.
    • Note: If the Selected Instructor can't create a Webex Webinar event type, the event creation will fail. Changing this to a Webex Meeting type may allow this event creation to proceed.

You can now add multiple occurrences of your event, which upon saving, will all be unique training events on the same lesson. To learn how to manage, clone, and edit your events, see Create and Manage Live Training Events.

Note - these events are NOT related after they are created. At this time, each event created this way is independent and the lesson will be complete when the student attends any of the events in this lesson.

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