Getting Started with the WebEx Integration

by Skilljar Customer Training

Our WebEx integration currently supports WebEx Training Center. With our integration, WebEx Account Administrators can create and manage live training events from the Webex Training Center account within Skilljar. Learners can then register for these events, add them to their calendars, and launch them once the event has begun, right from their Skilljar Live Training lesson. 

Begin by enabling the WebEx integration by linking your Skilljar and WebEx accounts.

How it works for Instructors:

Once your accounts have been linked, instructors will be able to:

Updated attendance information will typically be available 2-3 hours after a WebEx event has completed. Please check back if the information has not yet updated. 

How it works for Learners: 

The integration creates a seamless experience for learners, who can easily register and join WebEx events in Skilljar. 

Learners can join a WebEx event directly from the Live Training lesson as soon as the event has started and the start time for the event has lapsed. 



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