AICC Web Packages as Course Content

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Skilljar supports Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) web packages, which can be imported to your Skilljar dashboard and used as lesson content within your Skilljar courses. 



Note: Skilljar supports basic AICC functionality from providers such as LinkedIn Learning and QuestionMark, but may not be able to support specialized files that don’t stick to exact AICC standards. If your AICC file isn’t working with Skilljar, please contact Skilljar support

What is AICC Content? 

AICC web learning packages are another way to add lesson content to your Skilljar courses. Much like SCORM and HTML5 files, AICC packages are created within other learning management systems (LMS) and then uploaded to your Skilljar dashboard as assets to be used as lesson content within your Skilljar courses.

Learners can take your AICC lesson content from within your Skilljar course window, and upon completion will be marked as complete (pass/failed if applicable) within the AICC analytics page of your Skilljar dashboard. 

What are the benefits of using AICC web packages? 

  • Allows you to use and import existing content that you’ve created in other LMS, such as LinkedIn Learning, QuestionMark, The Institutes, and more. 
  • Track AICC lesson and learner completion analytics straight from your Skilljar dashboard. 

How to add AICC Content to a Course

AICC web packages can be uploaded via the course management page within your Skilljar dashboard and by creating a new lesson. Learn more at Courses 101 and Lessons 101.

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Course Management, or expand the Course Management header on the left and select Courses
  2. Select the course you want to add the AICC lesson to or create a new one
  3. Select the Curriculum tab and then New Lesson
  4. On the flyout screen select SCORM / Web Package.
  5. Drag your AICC file into the Upload File box, or select Browse to upload it.

  6. Give your lesson a title and manage any settings, then select Save Lesson to finish. The AICC file will then be uploaded to the lesson. 

Managing Uploaded AICC Files

You can manage your uploaded AICC files and see any existing AICC files you’ve uploaded by expanding the Course Management header and selecting SCORM. Select the package name to open more information. The file type will be listed as AICC and will also list which course and lesson it’s being used in. On the next page, you can download, replace, and rename your AICC file. 


To sync the course registration and lesson completion of the AICC file, select Sync Completion Across Courses. When you’re finished, select Save

You can delete a package from the file list by selecting the trash can icon (the package can only be deleted if it’s not currently being used within a course). 

AICC Analytics

AICC lesson and learner completion analytics can be viewed by expanding the Analytics header and selecting Analytics. Read more at AICC Analytics.

Note: The AICC analytics page will only appear after learners have interacted with your AICC content. 

The AICC analytics page only shows learner completion data. If you require more detailed data, we recommend using SCORM lessons.

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