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The AICC Analytics report provides an overview of the learner and lesson completion data for your AICC lessons. Learn more about AICC lessons at AICC Web Packages as Course Content.

AICC analytics can be viewed by expanding the Analytics header in your Skilljar dashboard and selecting AICC Analytics

Note: The AICC analytics page will only appear after learners have interacted with your AICC content. 

On the AICC analytics page you can find a list of your AICC files as well as metrics for:

  • Average Score - The average score of all learners who have completed the AICC content. 
  • Finished Count - The number of learners who have completed the AICC content.
  • Success Count - The number of learners who have successfully completed the AICC content. 
  • Average Total Time - The average number of time learners have taken to complete the AICC content. 

Selecting the file name will open a page with individual learner metrics for the AICC lesson, including:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Status (for example, completed or not attempted)
  • Attempted date
  • Total time spent on the content
  • Final score.

Note: The AICC analytics page only shows learner completion data. If you require more detailed data, we recommend using SCORM lessons.

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